Restell's A Roaming

We are in Adelaide again and it is still beautiful. Crossing the Nullarbour is long and boring!!! I reccomend that you do not do it and if you really need to make sure you lots of music and DVD's. It is lots of fun in Adelaide and plenty of green parks.

Love you
10/24/2010 03:10:18 pm

Hi G!

Glad to hear you are almost back in the East, I'm really hoping we can catch up again on your way (sort of) past Sydney.

I've never done the Nullarbour, perhaps after your review of it I won't bother (because I can't read or watch DVD's in the car, it makes me sick....).

Clare xx

7/6/2012 01:37:14 pm

Great blog, enjoyed browsing through the site

4/11/2014 05:31:30 pm

Was just bored and thought I would post to say hello


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