Restell's A Roaming


Hi we are in Esperance and there is the most beautiful white beachs in Australia.
We crossed the Nullabour on Wednesday and Thursday and covered lots of kilometres. We did the 90 mile straight which is the longest straight road in Australia. We saw part of a satillite that crashed to earth ages ago and whales!
Have fun
luv u lots

8/23/2010 01:04:50 pm

Hi G!

I saw a photo your mum sent by sms - the beaches look great. Tell her to put some on facebook would you!?!?

Hope it's warmer, wish I could just pop out and see you again - I've only been to Perth a couple of times and never seen any other part of WA.

Clare x

8/28/2010 09:04:15 pm

At least you are up to date a little more than you brother. Glad you made the long journey ok and still seeing whales and those sorts of things. You are not far from where you were born. Enjoy yourself lovesya ... pop

Caitlin Lee
9/10/2010 09:02:11 am

Hi Georgieana,

Sorry i haven't talked in a while i've benn really busy lately. Sounds like you are still having fun.
Hope to talk to you soon.

love from,
P.S. i really miss you;)

10/2/2010 01:48:55 pm

Hi georgie,

Sorry for not talken to you I have been a bit busy. It is great to now that you are still alive!

See you soon,
Love from sarah
P.S. live life to the MAX!('_')

5/20/2022 01:48:40 pm

Greeat blog you have


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