Restell's A Roaming

sorry I haven't done this for a while but we have been sooooo busy. We've been to Kalgoorlie where I was born. the superpit there is HUGE!!!!!!! Bunbury and Busselton are nice(altough it did rain most of the time and it is a wine reigon.) Now we are in Perth and we can say that we have been to every capital city in Australia!!!

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo lol  
Caitlin Lee
9/21/2010 07:50:29 am

Hi George,

you sound like your having lots of fun there must be heaps to do where you are anyway did you do naplan and how did you go.

Caitlin Lee
P.S.I hope you have safe travells all the way through:)

10/2/2010 01:57:07 pm

Hi Georgie,

Seems to me that you are having alot of fun. Which is fine with me! Misssssss u heaps. Hope to see u soon or talk!

Love from sarah xoxoxooxoox
('_') Love u


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