Restell's A Roaming

Here we are in Potato Point and it is wet,wet,wet!
Since sucessfully climbing Mt Koscuszko we have been very relaxed on the coast of N.S.W. We have been toTathra and stayed right on the beach and now we are here in Potato Point visiting friends.

11/30/2010 07:43:34 am

Hi G!

I looked up Potato Point after I saw your mum mention it on FB - it looks like a great place to stay. Campground looks fab, I might have to try and go camping there sometime. Hope we get to see you soon xxo

Caitlin Lee
12/4/2010 02:07:16 pm

Hi Georgie,

On Thursday we had the graduation. They mentioned your name because you started preschool there and went all way through. They also had a photo of you on the big screen in the hall. We had a great time, everyone looked so good. I wish that you were there. How is everything with you? Hope your still enjoying your travels...take care
Caitlin xx

12/15/2010 07:39:27 pm

Gday, its a long time since I put anything on this, but did you know that Darwin is the capital of the Northern Territory, which has the same recognition as a capital of a state?
glad you are safe and all that lovesya ... pop

2/8/2011 08:07:13 pm

Gday, you aint updated this for a long time have you!!!!! loves ya ... pop


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