Restell's A Roaming

IN Bendigo I went underground in a gold mine and worm a cap lamp.  We saw gold but didnt get to take it home.  We got told how the miners used to sneek some gold home though!.  We also did a tram ride around Bendigo and saw some friends from WA.  It was good to see Sam and Freyea again!

In Benalla we learnt more about Ned Kelly and Weary Dunlop.  We also drove the Howqua River which was awsome, amazine, dusty and untouched.

Then we went to Albury/Wadonga.  Here we went to the army museum. and saw lots of tanks and got to dress up in Army cloths

IN Tumit I cought my first trout.  It was a Brown 37 cm long.  It tasted really good.  There are really good mountains and wild horses!

We are now in Jundebyne.  Cool!  And we can see Mt Ko

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