Restell's A Roaming


Here we are in S.A and only just a mini tornado the other night (the place it hit was 1hour inland from where we were staying!). We had a great experience with wind and rain.
We have planned alot to do here. Like Winerys in the Braossa Valley, Maclaren Vale and Adelaide Hills(Yuck:P). We are also going to see Pandas at the zoo, chocolate at Haighs(yummmm), glass being made at the Jam Factory and catching up with lots of friends and family.

Have fun at home and school(enjoy the warmth) 
Love you heaps 
Georgieana xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo llo 

Anne Myatt
8/1/2010 11:17:13 am

Hi Georgie,

You are certainly covering a lot of ground. The kids agree that wineries are boring, but remember if you use that time to power through your school work, you will have more time for Pandas and chocolate. Tell mum she needs to keep up with her homework and add to her blog too. Thanks for keeping us posted, we enjoy hearing where you have been and what you have been doing.

8/1/2010 10:23:03 pm

glad you are looking forward to the interesting things in adelaide, it is cold here as well, tell Mum that there is snow on the blue mountains and westerly winds, it is raining here as it has done every day for weeks, according to weather map you are facing some cold weather loves ya ... pop

sarah wornum
8/12/2010 07:10:22 pm

Hi Georgie,

It is great to know that u r having a great time down there and u r right it
is freezing! Adelaide sounds awesome and it has started 2 get cold up here.
We have just had a fete! it was really cool but not with out u. It has been 2
years in arrow that i could not go on
any rides coz last year i broke my arm now i have hurt my leg! or well i am still going good*_* misssssssssss u heaps!

Love sarah! xoxoxo! *_*


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