Restell's A Roaming


We have crossed the boarder again and we are now in AFL country. We have being very busy being cold in Orange, palying with puppies and piglets ( and my twin) on a farm and feeling a bit Italian in Griffith. We have seen many things such as a huge frost, winerys, Mount Canobalis, a ute on a pole, the Muarry River and a Pioneer village.

Hope every body is safe and well



We are in Bathurst and it is absoultly FREEZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have been in Dubbo and coincidently stayed in the same place as we were on camp!(but in the caravan park bit!) We did the zoo in 2 days on our bikes! We saw soooooooooooooo many animals there. We also did The Old Dubbo Gaol and actually saw the whole thing.

We are with one of my Mums cousins Clarie! It is so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See ya