Restell's A Roaming


We have crossed the boarder again and we are now in AFL country. We have being very busy being cold in Orange, palying with puppies and piglets ( and my twin) on a farm and feeling a bit Italian in Griffith. We have seen many things such as a huge frost, winerys, Mount Canobalis, a ute on a pole, the Muarry River and a Pioneer village.

Hope every body is safe and well


6/19/2010 02:41:11 pm

Well Georgie you are doing better than your brother, at least you are somewhat up to date, but him, he is still in mittagong. am glad that you are seeing and doing a lot of things that you would not normally do at school, is Mum keeping you up with your school work, are you writing a diary or something so that you can look back at it and remember the things you have done? look after yourself, bet you have put the liner back into the denim coat because of the cold? ask Mum about Pop Webeck being a stockman and being able to handle a mob of cattle or sheep the way he was able to do. look after yourself and that brother of yours, and of course Mum and Dad loves ya ... pop

Sarah Wornum
6/19/2010 03:01:51 pm

Booooooooo Georgie!

I havent typed 2 u since a whial now and I still misssssssssss u alot. Are u use 2 the COLD weather or u are still FREEZING! How r u? I hope U are enjoyin your hoilday and it is getting quite cooooool up here but still nice weather. We have just finished doing our unit for this trem. It was about the early Australia, first fleet and the setlment. It was great fun but not quite without u George! Your holiday sounds sooooooooo much fun and sounds 2 me that u r having your own little camp down there but you r with your family! U have done some things that we did on our year 6/7 camp wich was fun! Also some of the towns or citys u have been 2 is where I have been 2 when I was a little girl {but with my family}. I really missssssssssss u alot and I want 2 c your face again but in person!

Remember 2 have a great time and live life while u can! Love from Sarah!

PS: It is not the same when your not around! Bye again! xoxoxoxooxoxoxox

Sarah Wornum
6/19/2010 03:24:27 pm


Do u now why I go for the BLUES!!!? Becaues I half grow up in NSW. Just lettin you now! Love u heeps Sarah!xo

6/20/2010 11:07:08 am

Hey G thanks for the update!

The ute on a pole sounds interesting....... are there photos?


7/14/2023 05:23:02 am

I enjoyed readingg this


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