Restell's A Roaming

We are in brisbane and have been every where around and in it!Catching up with people going to hospitals (fingers can get caught between tow bar and spare tyre! dads finger not mine)
I am doing NAPLAN at Sandgate State School but wish i was doing it at BNSS!

Miss ya all
luv Georgieana xoxo lol :)
Caitlin Lee
5/12/2010 05:45:27 pm

Caitlin Lee
5/14/2010 09:38:25 am

Dear Georgieana,

Finshed my NAPLAN guest a couple of questions i was running out of time, but i got all tests done except for a couple of qestions. How did you go with it? I think i did pretty good i hope i get a good mark, but we don't get our results until November i think, but i'm glad it's all done and over with,
LOve From,
Caitlin Lee :) xxoo LOL
P.S Love you.

Morgan Desira
5/14/2010 02:20:19 pm

i hate NAPLAN. i got annoyed with the questions in the maths test & the reading test so i guested most of them but not because they were hard
see ya


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