Restell's A Roaming

We are now settled in Brisbane. I have started school again and I am going to Kelvin Grove State College. I am enjoying it and have heaps of friends.

Miss EVERYONE from Blackwater and everywhere else we have been
Caitlin Lee
6/23/2011 04:32:08 pm

Hey Georgie,

haven't talked to you for ages!! that's great that you have settled!!

talk to you soon,

caitlin xxxoxo

11/21/2011 03:23:34 pm

Hello long lost friend!!! I'm very sorry for not talking to you for a very, very, very long time.Miss you alotxoxx Also alot of stuff has been happening this year good/bad. Also are u still doing this website and are you still travelling and where are you now also how are things going? Email me soon:)

Love from Sarahxoxx


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