Restell's A Roaming


Today we were in Canberra. On the way down we stop in Goulburn to get a photo of the big sheep (that thing is HUGE!).  The CSIRO Science Centre is absoultly awesome! There are alot of interactive activities and experiments to do. We where also at the Mint and War Memorial. e didn't leave canberra until after 5:00pm and yet we only did those 3 things! I can't believe that there is so much to do.

Miss you all
Georgieana xoxoxoxox ^_^ 

5/24/2010 01:50:01 pm

Gday, good to know that you are enjoying your travels, yes it would be cold for you down here and the drought is still in Inverell, they are supposed to get rain this week. when do you come back to Newcastle/East Maitland? glad you enjoyed Canberra, didnt you spend time there when you went to the snow with the school? sydney would be good also, how are the boots and coat working out? nice and warm? keep enojoying the experiences you are having, lovesya ... pop

morgan desira
5/25/2010 05:21:18 pm

thinking of u always
miss u still
gotta go
luv morgan

Caitlin Lee
5/28/2010 09:22:19 pm

Dear Georgieana,

It's like you have gone on another Canberra Camp you having so much fun i just know it.

Caitlin Lee
xoxo *_* lol

10/12/2013 05:31:45 am

This blog is pretty interesting, will add a bookmark, thanks.


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