Restell's A Roaming

What's been happening in B'water? We are in Agnes Water and it is beautiful. We have been here since Tuesday and we have been busy fishing since. It's been awhile since I last typed on here so i will let you now what has happened. On Thursday we went to Macky and stayed with friends and on Friday we went to Eimeo beach for a little while then left for Townsville to see the Desira's. We were there till Monday and were very busy relaxing, going to water parks, swimming and having fun.  Even though it rained I had the best time ever. We came back to Blackwater to pick up our van from the Prewett's house on Monday evevning and didn't leave till Tuesday lunchtime! And now from where i sit i can see the waves crash onto the beach ( well almost!) and I am just full non relaxed.
Miss you lot's
Luv You
Georgieana :) xoxo lol*_*
Spods Pod
4/29/2010 10:50:06 am

Hey Roamers
Hope the fishing is good and the weather treating you fairly. We're hoping you'll make it across the Tasman on your journey somewhere along the line...
Will get the kids to sit down and respond soon. All's well this end, new job going well and family adjusting to it OK. Getting colder here - have had a few fires already. Kidshave started new business selling kindling for pocket money - going well. Soon be earning more than me on my 2 days/week! How's the schoolwork going? Hope the teacher has some days off any good books happening?
Love Jo for the Spod Pod

Caitlin Lee
4/29/2010 07:26:48 pm

Hey Georgieana,

Well today is Friday and by now you would have been to Emma and Stuart's wedding. Mum has been told that Emma looked beautiful and I'm sure she would have too. We couldn't go cause they wouldn't let mum close the office and dad had to work, but Katrina went for Mum's work. All is well out here. We are getting ready for May Day - can't wait. Caitlin G is sleeping over on Saturday night so we can go there together.
love from,
Caitlin Lee:)xoxox lol.

5/3/2010 07:17:47 am

hey georgie,
it sounds like your having heaps of fun at agnes water. I went there once and loved it too. on friday renee, gemma and patricia (you met them on anzac day) slept over . we were in the camper trailer. then on saturday 2 of mum's cousins came over to see the footy game. they brought 2 of thier kids . cameal is 1 year older than me & conor is 1 year younger than me. they came in a car that had billy slater on the side. they left on sunday
bye 4 now,

Morgan Desira
5/7/2010 07:57:39 am

Morgan Desira
5/7/2010 08:01:07 am

hey girlfriend:)
why did u have to leave:P
i miss u already:D
ps i sent u an email<3


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