Restell's A Roaming




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Hi we are still in B'water and it is sooooooooo borning. Our house is empty and we have to sleep in the caravan. It is not the best place to sleep because Morgan makes humph noises all night and won't let me sleep with my arm hanging of the top bunk! A 19 foot caravan can be very small sometimes. We are all busy being machinics, cleaning and being bored (me). I'm starting to get excited now.
Miss u all (not the boys)
Luv u Georgieana xoxo lol :)
Caitlin Lee
4/21/2010 11:54:23 am

Hey Georgieana just seeing how your going, I here the caravan is feeling a bit small with Morgan at night. where's your first port of call and i hope everything goes well. Miss you already
Caitlin lee:)!!!!!


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