Restell's A Roaming

4/21/2010 04:28:19 pm

Gday, hope that you get to read this one, what a lucky person you are now heading out on an adventure of this size, good luck with the "Teacher" you will have for the next couple of months, if she gets too nasty tell her that POP will talk with her later. I know that you will miss your friends but this is a good way of keeping in touch, lots of love ... pop

4/25/2010 04:05:12 pm

hi georgie
I hope you had a great time at our house. By the way, as soon as we got home from riverway I actually went to sleep on the couch for haalf an hour.
see ya
Morgan C Desira:P

4/26/2010 04:13:06 pm

4/26/2010 04:16:28 pm


You on the road again, that is the name of a song that was around some time ago, I suppose you would like to have been in Sydney seeing that Canadian Justin Bieber that everyone seems to be screamin about?
anyrate enjoy your trip and give Mum and Dad a cuddle for me thanks, suppose you betta give Morgan one tooo see ya ... pop

caitlin Lee
4/27/2010 05:18:19 pm

Hi Georgie you know you left your ruler at school.Anyway it was nice seeing you at school the other day and i hope i get to see you again sometime/somewhere.
PS. write back please. Still missing you.
Caitlin lee:)!!!!


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