Restell's A Roaming

Melbourne is a very big city and I wish we had more room and money to shop!
We have been at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image and saw the Batmobile, made our own clips, saw a headless coach drivier and. We have seen a live AFL game, the Melbourne Meuseum and walked along many of the streets and laneways.

off to Tassie on Tuesday it will be COLD!

Luv ya
Georgieana xoxoxoxoxo lol :P
Sarah wornum
7/6/2010 01:24:09 pm

Dear Georgie,

It seems 2 me that it is getting colder and colder down there. Term 3 has just arrived and the 4 year 6/7's classrooms r learning about the body! this is going 2 so much fun! NOT! The year goes so fast! Soon we r going on r camp and I can't wait 2 go but u won't be there!(Iam sobbing) Miss Bassett and Miss Elliott will go first then Miss R and Miss O go the second week. I wish u could be here still. I hope u r loving your holiday because it sounds like u r having a ball!

Love u soooooooooo much from Sarah xox

7/7/2010 02:30:22 pm

You must have liked all the shops in Melb!!! did you like the markets go to Liagon Street with all the restaurants etc? glad you are enjoying it all, you re certainly seeing a lot that is expanding your knowledge, bet you coat comes in handy? am glad you are enjoying it look after yourself and all that loves ya, look after Mum Dad and Morgan see ya ... pop, both your writing is still on the front verandah

Hailey Myatt
7/15/2010 06:07:29 pm

Dear Georgie,

Hey, Melbourne sounds great. Apparantly it's got some good shops, have you been shopping.Tassy will be freezing. Do you think you'll see any snow. Sounds like your have fun. Have a great rest of the trip.

From Hailey


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