Restell's A Roaming


Here we are in Tassie and it is just awesome! we are here for 10 days and leave on Saturday night to get to Melbourne on Sunday morning. We have been to Wine Glass Bay which was a bit of a hike but it well worth it, the Salamaca Markets in Hobart which is HUGE, Cadbury which is delishious!!! and now we are in Launceston ready to do lots of things.
Its Cold but beautiful!

Luv you heaps
Sarah Wornum
7/17/2010 08:14:09 pm

Hi Georgie!

It sounds like u r having a lot of fun down there! Cadbruy would of been great. This Tuseday we r going on camp! Iam can't wait! but u wont be there... I really misssssssss u so much. can u feel the cold still or your ues to it? It is good to hear that you r having a great trip around Australia and u r still alive!

Love u so much and hope 2 talk 2 u soon! love u! Sarah! xoxo

7/17/2010 08:39:52 pm

Glad you are liking what you are doing, yes that factory would be good but oh so many calaries, did you enjoy the markets, what was different between them and any in Blackwater/Rocky/Emerhill? you will have a full diary to write up when you get back wont you, how is the school work or has that been forgotten? your friends are back at school now so arent you lucky loves ya ... pop

7/18/2010 02:39:15 pm

I have looked at Wineglass Bay from the top of the hill - but we didn't walk down the other side to actually go there. It's truly beautiful isn't it??


10/19/2013 08:01:27 am

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