Restell's A Roaming


On Saturday the 24th we went to Townsville museum.  We saw the things they have discovered about the Pandora.  It crashed into the reef when it was getting the munteneers.  They were in chains below deck.  Most of them died. there was also a south pole display.  it told you about Shakleton getting to the south pole in 1920.
On the 25 we went to see the March in Townsville and it is big and there are the army cars and the airforce flying over all the solders then the schools marching.  The best thing is the marchers.  Then we went for a walk and then to Reef HQ,  I saw a shark and a clown fish.  Then we went home and had a swim.

Hi.  I know you remember me but I am Morgan.  Today we are packing the caravan to leave tomorrow to Mackay, then Townsville.  Then back to Agnes Water.  There I will get dangerously close to the water and  boat.  So see you wouldn't want to be you!  Morgan
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