Restell's A Roaming

Hi.  I know you remember me but I am Morgan.  Today we are packing the caravan to leave tomorrow to Mackay, then Townsville.  Then back to Agnes Water.  There I will get dangerously close to the water and  boat.  So see you wouldn't want to be you!  Morgan
4/21/2010 04:31:55 pm

Gday Morgan, yes I remember you, well now it is done and you have entered another phase of your life, thank you for what you have done over Easter, that makes this person happy. What a big adventure you all are going to have, it is very big isnt it. good luck and study hard cause your mother is a teacher so you wont miss school. keep telling us what you are doing, love pop

4/26/2010 04:11:32 pm


why didnt you remind me it was your birthday yesty??? happy boithday and good luck, I understand that the caravan is hooked up and you are now travelling somewhere, you never know till you stop is that rite? anyrate sorry I missed yesty, but was asleep most of the day, left home 2pm Sunday and got home 8am Monday so was tired somewhat.

Give Georgie, Mum and Dad cuddle for me, loves ya and happy birthday love pop

Bailey Lee
5/2/2010 06:39:14 pm

Hi Morgan how are you? Has it been fun? We had fun at the May Day Fair yesterday....lots of rides again this year.

Bailey Lee
5/2/2010 06:42:20 pm

Love Bailey Lee


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