Restell's A Roaming

This week we have crossed the Nullabour.  This a very boring drive.  Because it has one of the straight road, and it has no trees in one spot (the Nullabour), it has big cliffs, it has whales sometimes (we saw some on the way over but not this time) and nothing else.   We almost hit an Eagle when we were driving and it flew up near or car.  It was big. 

We are now in Adelaide.  Today we went for a ride and saw an echidna walking beside the Thorrens River.  Tomorrow we are going to the Adelaide Hills to see the motor muesume
I am in Esperance again for a couple of days then we are back off to Kalgoorlie. At AQUA (aqurium of W.A) the tunnel is scary because there are Grey Nurse Sharks and stingrays in it but the one cool thing is that you can touch sharks and stingrays in the touch pool. they feel soft and lumpy.

See ya
In Perth I went canoeing in the Swan River.  This was a lot of fun....if a little cold.  We went to the Dragon Cave.  They call it the Dragon Cave because of the black makes that look like burn marks around the sides of the cave.  I had too much fun doing everything to remember it all.

I am in Dalyalanup and I am having fun.  We went to the National Masters Hockey Championships and watched WA Country vs WA State.  State won by 2 points. 

Yesterday I went to a cricket coaching clinic presented by the WA Warriors Cricket Team.  It was good to go back to cricket because I miss playing cricket.  I learnt lots and lots of new skills and I am now better at aiming and bowling.  One hard thing we did was to aim at one wicket with one stump.
Today I am going to go and see 'The Last Airbender" with Jack and Lachlan who we are staying with because they are still on holidays.
Talk next time Morgan