Restell's A Roaming

In Perth I went canoeing in the Swan River.  This was a lot of fun....if a little cold.  We went to the Dragon Cave.  They call it the Dragon Cave because of the black makes that look like burn marks around the sides of the cave.  I had too much fun doing everything to remember it all.

I am in Dalyalanup and I am having fun.  We went to the National Masters Hockey Championships and watched WA Country vs WA State.  State won by 2 points. 

Yesterday I went to a cricket coaching clinic presented by the WA Warriors Cricket Team.  It was good to go back to cricket because I miss playing cricket.  I learnt lots and lots of new skills and I am now better at aiming and bowling.  One hard thing we did was to aim at one wicket with one stump.
Today I am going to go and see 'The Last Airbender" with Jack and Lachlan who we are staying with because they are still on holidays.
Talk next time Morgan

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