Restell's A Roaming

Hi. We are in Melbourne.  Today we went to a live AFL game and watched it at the MCG.  We have cought the trams everywhere.  We have seen Bat Mans Batmobile (lost its wheels) at the ACMI which was awsome!  We had spanish donnut churro which was yummy.  At the library we saw Ned Kellys armour and at the Museum we saw body parts (don't remind me) and learnt how your brain works and what you see when you dream.  Melbourne is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7/7/2010 02:25:36 pm

Well done Morgan, at least you must be learning a lot of things that maybe are not in the school books, did you like the AFL? just think what it would be like with the place full, 100,000 screaming fans in their final series!!!! keep enjoying it as it will be a long time before you do it again, loves ya ... pop


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