Restell's A Roaming

Hi.  We are in NSW and it is cold!  Yesterday I was in Gunnedah and before that we were in Inverell.  Inverell is droughtso you can see lots of dry land.  The sheep farm we visited was selling some of their sheep because of the drought.  the drought is a bad thing because there is no water for the animals and the crops die.  The rain we are getting in Necastle proberly won't make it to Inverell because the mountains stop the clouds.  It would be great if they could get the rin like us. 
Hi everyone I miss you all (but not the girls).  Play hard at League this weekend.
bailey lee
5/19/2010 07:41:46 pm

Dear Morgan,

I reckon i would be freezing my bottom off. Sounds like you had a lot of fun i wish i was there with you seeing all of that stuff. At least the sheep won't die and they will be well looked after i think.
Bailey Lee.

Sarah Wornum
5/21/2010 08:32:22 pm

Hi morgan,

It is sarah I am hayleys sister or your sisters friend. I would just like to say I hope you r enjoying your holiday around australia. I bet cha that u loved the Don Bradman Meusem big time!

Remember live and love life! Have a wonderful holiday!
Love from SARAH!!!!! xo

PS: Tell georgie I said hi! Bye c u around some where.

5/24/2010 01:44:55 pm

Gday, how goes the boots? did you get a warm coat the other day at Kotara? it would be cold down at Mittagong where Nan and Pop live, glad you enjoyed Canberra and hope you haveing good time in Sydney, and of course doing the homework study etc, at least you are seeing live history at the rocks area of Sydney. see ya ... pop

9/6/2012 05:40:46 pm

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