Restell's A Roaming


We just drove the Great Ocean Road today.  It was long and made by the ANZACS when they come back from WW1.  They built it with picks and shovels.  There was a lot of ships that were ship wrecked along the drive.  We saw the Twelve Apostles (11 and a half) They were tall, rocky and sandy.  Then we saw the Arch.  The Arch had lots of waves whiched crashed against the wall  with a loud bang and a big splash.  In the water we saw a whale flipper and seals and Dolphins.

7/29/2010 04:53:02 pm

Gday, am glad you have been down the ocean road, it is interesting aint it, did you get to Port Campbell? well you are well and truly in victoria and heading across the state to the west, it was good to see you in sydney the other day. look after Georgie and mum and dad wont you, loves ya ... pop

8/1/2010 11:12:20 am

Hi Morgan Melbourne must have been fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!!!!!!!

I wish I could go there.
Your sooooooooooo lucky doing all those lovely things.

Catch ya later.



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