Restell's A Roaming

Canberra Monday, Sydney Tuesday.  Short trips (under two hours in the car or train) to explore this area again.  Had a ball in Canberra at the CSIRO centre which was well worth the effort and enjoyed the mint lots.  Then spent the afternoon at the War Memorial which you never have enough time at.  A full day but well worth it.  Visiting Sydney and the Rocks tomorrow.  Looking forward to exploring some history!

We are now visiting our parents (mine in Newcastle and Adrians in Bowral) before we are off again to explore!  It is cold and we have added some jackets and boots to the wardrobe and will no doubt have too add some jumpers soon as well. Missing everyone heaps!
Another disaster has happened though!  I managed to drop my phone and have it shatter in the shops the otehr day ..... and of course the address book is in the caravan in Gunnedah (travelling light for the week or so).  Lost all my data

Now Georgie has done her NAPLAN we can head south and really get into the trip.  Thanks to Doug and Glenda for a great base in Brisbane.  Sorry to all those we missed but time ran out.  Will let you know where we end up next!
Hit Brisbane last night and set up a base at Doug and Glendas on the north side.  Will spend the day doing some boring visits.  Dentist for me (I broke a tooth yesterday) a visit to the doc for Adrian (ankle) and then a visit to the fracture clinic for Adrian (long story will tell you next time I see you) he is ok, just very annoyed. 
The we will spend some time visiting around.
Have a great day all!
Visiting friends is such a great part of this trip.  Visiting Julia and Jorrit (ex Blackwater for those who remember) and the kids last night and today.  THe kids have grown but it is just like old times.  Off to Brisvagus today. 

Having left Agnes we took the long drive to Hervey Bay.  Stopping in Childers we visited the reptile centre snakes down under were we got to pat lizards and learn  a bit about snakes etc. The people there are wonderful adn very informed.  morgan is now determined to get a snake!   errerereere  not sure I agree.  Have settled into Hervey Bay at my cousins Cindys house with her family.  Terrible plac

After a wonderfrul few days in Agnes Water with Mark and Lorna and the boys being successful with fishing we are wonderfully relaxed. 
Stu and Emmas wedding was a lovely celebration of two wonderful people.  It was also great to catch up with the Blackwater connection again!
Walking on the beach and watching the sunset are two ac