Restell's A Roaming

Have been a little slow as school work has hogged the computer for the last week or so.  We had a great time in the South West.  Albany is a wonderful place with a really great food culture!  We also managed to do some walking in the Sterling Ranges which are very spectular.  We stayed at Middleton Beach Caravan Park where the whales were swimming near the beach!
Busselton was also lovely.  We spent some time out in the Margaret River area and walked around the light house where we saw whales again (and also had some wonderful coffee!   
We then headed up to Bunbury to see James and Amelia.  Will catch up with them in an other week or so while the van has some repairs done. 
Perth is so much like we remember... Busy, sunny and with lots of great things to do.  It is wonderful to caatch up wiith friends from so long ago and know that things do not change....that much.  We are all a little older and wiser and know not so fit- except for Kate.  We are here for the next week or so.... then we will decide where to next.