Restell's A Roaming

Sorry for the time inbetween but a slight computer hic... (we thought we had lost all the photos and everything) and a vist to the local computer doc...
Since Mildura we have done some real exploring
We headed to Bendigo, which is a towm that appealed.  managed to meet some friends from wa who were there for a wedding!  took the kids down the gold mine which was very well done and generally explored the area.  Really appealed!
Then we headed off to Benella to see some Ned Kelly country.  Now that is an area I could call hole.  we were lick to see it at its best after lots of rain and not yet full of hoppers eating everything.  up in the mountains there is very nice.  Drove the Harquwa river
After that we headed to Albury Wodanga....stay on the NSW side.  A nice place to see.  wonderful to see the rivers so full! 

I will contines later!

Here we are in Mildura (at least, until Friday).  Plenty to see and do here, so far we have seen the junction of our two greatest rivers - the Darling and the Murray, and been to the site where the oldest recorded fossil remains of homo sapiens sapiens outside of Africa were found.  Pretty amazing stuff!  Next destination is Bendigo,