Restell's A Roaming


Hi we are in Esperance and there is the most beautiful white beachs in Australia.
We crossed the Nullabour on Wednesday and Thursday and covered lots of kilometres. We did the 90 mile straight which is the longest straight road in Australia. We saw part of a satillite that crashed to earth ages ago and whales!
Have fun
luv u lots


Here we are in S.A and only just a mini tornado the other night (the place it hit was 1hour inland from where we were staying!). We had a great experience with wind and rain.
We have planned alot to do here. Like Winerys in the Braossa Valley, Maclaren Vale and Adelaide Hills(Yuck:P). We are also going to see Pandas at the zoo, chocolate at Haighs(yummmm), glass being made at the Jam Factory and catching up with lots of friends and family.

Have fun at home and school(enjoy the warmth) 
Love you heaps 
Georgieana xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo llo