Restell's A Roaming

Hi I am in Mittagong the see my Nanny and Grandpa.  Two days ago we went to Canberra and we went to the Mint.  I got a coin and we saw them mint new coins.  They can make $6 000 000 a day!  Then we went to the War Memorial.  In the World War 2 part there were Harley Davison motor bikes that they drove in 1939.  There was a show that showed how you bombed towns and other older planes that had guns and spotters and explosions and sirens. 
Yesterday we went to Sydney on the train.  For lunch we went to China Town and had soup and noodles.  In the morning we wnet to the Rocks.  they were the first european people to live in Australia.  In the afternoon we went to the Power house Museum and saw part of level 1 only.  There was so much to see and we didn't get to see everything.  There were old cars, trains and space ships (you got to see what it was like inside the space shuttle).  There was also roberts and you played a game against one and when he won (which he always did) he laughted at you.  We saw a big one like him working at the Mint.  You had to power up a fire engine by riding a bike, you created your own fire works and so much stuff.  If you are in Sydney you should go there!
Go Queensland!  See you later.  Morgan
Hi.  We are in NSW and it is cold!  Yesterday I was in Gunnedah and before that we were in Inverell.  Inverell is droughtso you can see lots of dry land.  The sheep farm we visited was selling some of their sheep because of the drought.  the drought is a bad thing because there is no water for the animals and the crops die.  The rain we are getting in Necastle proberly won't make it to Inverell because the mountains stop the clouds.  It would be great if they could get the rin like us. 
Hi everyone I miss you all (but not the girls).  Play hard at League this weekend.

I went to Brisbane and we have been to the Museum and the GoMA and saw the big sculptures.  We have been on the train twice and bus as well.  Georgie did her NAPLAN and I got to play in the park (I did some school work too).  Seeing my cousins Jack and Henry and Pipper was fun.  We go to NSW next (but I will still be a Qld supporter).  Bye fr