Restell's A Roaming


We just drove the Great Ocean Road today.  It was long and made by the ANZACS when they come back from WW1.  They built it with picks and shovels.  There was a lot of ships that were ship wrecked along the drive.  We saw the Twelve Apostles (11 and a half) They were tall, rocky and sandy.  Then we saw the Arch.  The Arch had lots of waves whiched crashed against the wall  with a loud bang and a big splash.  In the water we saw a whale flipper and seals and Dolphins.


Hi its just me again.
We're in Torquay which is the start of the Great Ocean Road and home of the famous Bells Beach! My dad and I went fishing yesterday but didn't catch any fish. High tide was high!
Torquay is a great place and a very good surfing spot!


Since my last report, we've been to the Cadbury Chocolate factory (and met Freddo Frog).  The factory was cool, we saw how the chocolate was made and got to taste chocolate at all stages of making, including the cocoa butter and the unprocessed chocolate powder, which are mixed with milk and sugar to make the chocolate.  The chocolate powder was really bitter.  We were all given a big block of chocolate as soon as we got into the building, and there was a great big chest full of chocolate blocks!  After this, we headed off to Launceston, which is about 200klm from Hobart.  Today we saw a sea horse farm and went to Beaconsfield where the big rock fall happened, catching three men underground (sadly, one of the men died in the fall).  Mum and dad also went to a couple of wineries - BORING!!!!!!  We also crossed a bridge called Batman Bridge.

HI we are are in Tasmania and at the top of Mt Wellington you can almost fly as it is that windy.  We are going to the cadbury factory tomorrow.  Today we went for a hike over swinging bridges and a sky walk across the trees.  We went over a river that was flowing really fast.  We walked over some hills to get to a beach and that was nice.  Yesterday we went to Port Authur.  It was an old jail for the convicts.   It is freezing but there is no snow on M
Hi. We are in Melbourne.  Today we went to a live AFL game and watched it at the MCG.  We have cought the trams everywhere.  We have seen Bat Mans Batmobile (lost its wheels) at the ACMI which was awsome!  We had spanish donnut churro which was yummy.  At the library we saw Ned Kellys armour and at the Museum we saw body parts (don't remind me) and learnt how your brain works and what you see when you dream.  Melbourne is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!