Restell's A Roaming

Opps sorry all.  Have been a little slow lately.  We left Port Lincoln and headed for Streaky Bay where we stayed a few nights.  Here we saw whales, seals and some awsome places.  It was windy, raining and cold so the boys really didn't get too fish at all (though they did have on attempt at dinner... we ate at the pub). 
After that we did the drive across... which is always something worth doing.  To really appreciate how big Australia is everyone should do this trip.  There is so much nothng.....but it is so Beautiful.  Stopping at the Whake centre to see a  heep of whales and calfs was wonderful (we saw the little white one), as was having the children realise how precious water is in this area.
We are now in Esperence staying with the Hunts (from rugby days).  We will head to Kalgoorlie over the weekend so G can see the town where she was born, then off around the coast.  Beautiful white beaches, blue as blue water and whales... What more can you ask for!
We have een in  Port Lincoln for the last few days.  It has been wet and cold most of the time but worth the stop.  We are down near the water and can often watch the dolphins play while doing the washing up!  Yesterday we went around to Sleaford Bay where we watched whales in the water for about an hour!.  They were wonderful creatures and just beautiful to watch as they rolled and wallowed in the shallow water just past the breakers.  Makes you feel like going for a swim (well untill you put your big toe in or read all the signs about the white pointers.  Off tomorrow to Streaky Bay and then the Bight!
Have made it to Adelaide via Torque and the Great Ocean Road and also the Grampians.  Loved both and will return to both areas for another holiday soon (I hope).  We are now in Adelaide.  I love the feel of this city.  Off to see the Pandas at the zoo tomorrow after red wine with friends tonight ( Andrew and Bec) then will catch up with others tomorrow (Sally, John, Sophie and Oliver).  Then it is off to do more winerys.....maybe that is why I like Addelaide... 3 major wine areas less than 1 hour away.  Life is good.