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We have een in  Port Lincoln for the last few days.  It has been wet and cold most of the time but worth the stop.  We are down near the water and can often watch the dolphins play while doing the washing up!  Yesterday we went around to Sleaford Bay where we watched whales in the water for about an hour!.  They were wonderful creatures and just beautiful to watch as they rolled and wallowed in the shallow water just past the breakers.  Makes you feel like going for a swim (well untill you put your big toe in or read all the signs about the white pointers.  Off tomorrow to Streaky Bay and then the Bight!
8/15/2010 09:25:23 pm

Hi All,
Glad to hear all is still going well. Hopefully the weather will improve in the next few weeks. Our kids had a great time at Streaky Bay, collecting crabs and playing in the water. If you have time, take the drive to Point La Batt to see the sea lion colony.
Are you heading across the Nullarbor or just up to the top of the Bight?
Keep travelling and blogging!

Rachel McInnes
8/26/2010 09:01:46 am

Hey there Restell Family! Guess where I am? Kambalda!!! Will be here until Thursday night (2nd September!!!) are you heading up this way??, then Perth and then off to Africa with some girlfriends for a camping holiday (sans hubby!) lots of love, Rachel x


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