Restell's A Roaming


Woops  it has beeen a while.  We have been to Griffith (and had a ball drinking their good wine at a great price... although it was very COLD there.  We have also been to Echua where we did the paddle steamers and explored some of that area.  Nice wines there escpcially the fortifies.  And now we have made it to Victoria we have been getting around. 
Now we have discovered Melbourne.  It is cold but we had a great day just discovering the place.  Went to the Victoria markets this morning and got some great meat and vegies, then just walked around some.  Got the tram out to St Kilda.  we intend to explore the Yarra with my cousin Helen and her daughter tomorrow then some more of the city.  If only.... (money room place to wear them.... ) G

6/28/2010 10:03:38 pm

Hi Roaming Restells
Great to see you're having a great time, despite the weather. We've been following your trip on your website. We're on a 2 week trip in central and north Queensland. The weather is beautiful! Maybe you need to head north!!
Keep up the posts.
Bye for now


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